“Lisa filled the role of assistant producer for a recent series of events supporting a high profile car reveal in the Automobile Industry. Lisa was responsible for the management of production and décor activities and their ability to meet the demands of our production schedule. Lisa is quick at learning, energetic and hard-working. She is also passionate at her job and very willing to take over new challenges and responsibilities. Lisa was a valuable asset to the success of this event. 
As an added bonus, Lisa’s passion for photography provided an archive full of fantastic photos.” 

Ted Bowers, Owner, EventWorks


“Lisa is an extremely talented and efficient Production Coordinator. I had the pleasure of working with her during the production of Warner Bros’ 90th Anniversary documentary. The great thing about a good Production Coordinator is that the producer never has to worry about all the small and large details that need to be handled during both prep and production. Lisa proved to be beyond capable. Every element was handled professionally. Her terrific personality made each day very pleasurable.”

Gary Khammar, President, Light Source & Imagery


“Lisa is one of those rare folks who has the ability to multi-task more than just a few things at once, while adding new tasks to her “to do” list, all the while maintaining a great attitude with a smile. I would love to have the opportunity to work with Lisa more, as I know that if she is working beside me on a job, it will go very smoothly, and even if it doesn’t, at least I know the job will be accomplished successfully with happy clients at the end of the day. Any job with Lisa working on it, is fortunate to have her as part of their team.”

Tamar (Tammy) Stone, Freelance Production Coordinator for Live Meetings & Events


“Lisa was a great Production coordinator at the US Open. She did a great job keeping us organized and on track. She was such a pleasant person and fun to work with even when it got a bit stressful behind the scenes!”

Nancy Spooner, Freelance Event Producer, Stage Manager/Show Caller & Deck Manager for live events


“Lisa has the essential characteristic for production professionals: unflappability. The varied and incessant challenges of live production work require a particular kind of person and a special skill set to truly rise to a level of excellence — and Lisa has both the skills and the personality to shine in this business. Whether client-facing or helping internal teams, she has consistently delivered a can-do attitude, savvy and detail-oriented efforts, and a keen focus on the project goals. She can manage multiple tasks without getting sidetracked, keep everything where it should be and still address internal and external demands with a smile and a positive attitude. 

Michael Rose, Director, Solution Engineering at Salesforce


“I had the pleasure of working with Lisa on a major project for a large Fortune 100 corporation and she was terrific in every sense; she was not only quick on her feet, but was able to keep nine balls in the air at one time. Lisa clearly “gets it” and she gets the job done perfectly every time. I’ll be singing her praises loudly going forward and I recommend her highly.”

Mark Felix, Director, Drury Entertainment Group


“I was lucky enough to have Lisa as a co-worker for almost two years at A Management Co. She is incredibly skilled in a multitude of areas from client relations to operations – one of those rare individuals that can excel in front of, as well as behind the scenes of day to day responsibilities. Reliable, efficient, trustworthy, and very much a team player. In addition to her technical skill set and expertise, she is super fun to be around.”

Lisa Katz, Producer, Current Entertainment